Reasons Why You Need Image Rebranding

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Come out of your cocoon

Who you are is speaking so loudly that I can’t hear what you are saying”Ralph Waldo Emerson.

People say Image is everything.  Your image speaks louder than your words. Even in silence your Image speaks. It describes your looks, career, ambitions, goals, vision, health status, relationships, esteem and you. Image is your essence. You can be a very rich, attractive and wealthy person but due to your voice that lacks confidence, lacklustre body language, daily habits, mundane fears and your general character you will portray an image of a pauper and look unattractive.

Case  study 1

I once knew a well-to-do woman who would drive a Mercedes Benz 380 Series in the late ’90′s, past her lush neighborhood to a dinghy salon and park outside a semi permanent shanty. Her car looked out-of-place and some of the hair dressers felt like she was coming to show off. Her employees would go to more posh areas for their salon. The rich lady wondered how her underpaid employees could afford to go to these places. The reply of one of them was that they had ‘crossed the bridge’ and were now working in an exclusive area.

 Case study 2

A rich man gets in the lift and the attendant asks him:

“Sir, with all the wealth you have, how come your son is always better dressed than you?”

The rich man replies: “He has a rich father, I don’t. I have to work for my money.”

In both of these cases, we see clearly that these two rich people have not accepted their brand of being rich. They have held on to their past image. They perceive themselves as still struggling to make ends meet, regardless of their abundance. They have stuck to their past daily habits. They have not accepted to re-brand their image.

If you were to study these people, probably you would find muffled voices, low self-esteem, health challenges, relationship challenges and so forth. Of course each person under the sun has his own fair share of challenges but it is how you deal with them that matters.

 “All things are difficult before they are easy.” – Thomas Fuller

Case Study 3

Have you heard a voice which is so powerful and strong almost booming, only to meet the owner of the voice who is a small-framed in person, or vice versa a small shrill voice, to meet a very tall and huge person?

During our annual school day at one time when I was a teacher, the guest speaker was the new Director of the board. We were all anticipating a great speech. When He stood up to talk, the whole assembly of students, teachers and parents were shocked into silence and then erupted into laughter. The shock was that his voice was thin and squeaky, almost a soprano. (The man was a ‘giant of a man’). Not a pleasant thing to happen to anyone. He could not proceed on cutting  down his speech. It is not that His voice was hilarious, the issue was his voice quality for someone of his standing. With all his strapping, He had not bothered to invest in his voice to enhance his image. For as long as I stayed at the school the only communication we received from Him were board room instructions. He had shied away from public speeches. He tucked in his tail and ran away like a rabbit. I wondered for how long he would keep cutting short his speech in life.

These are some of the things that are very upsetting because small loose ends can grow on your confidence and cost heavily.  “Old habits die hard”.

Case study 4

One day a friend came to visit with myriad problems. She was complaining that she felt like a failure in life and that she felt God had denied her all blessings. She  felt unattractive, wanted to get married because her maternal clock was ticking, was unable to quit  her job, hated her mean boss and was constantly broke. Basically she was suffering from a poor image. As I listened to her I recalled a programme about this nice determined lady who was born limbless and scarred faced.  The automatic thing  one does is to feel sorry for her until you hear her story. She was married with two children and had a promising well-paying career. She would change the baby’s diapers and play the piano with her tongue. The couple had been married for close to seven years. But what struck me most was that she had invested on improving her image through positive ways and daily habits.  There was no room for self-pity in her life. Unlike my friend who had instead held pity parties that had led to her frustrations.

Have you noticed that very tall, slim people walk with very short people? Or very skinny people are paired off with big, fat people? It means each person has a complex about their image and they try to balance their image with the opposite.

Despite there being many very skilled players in a team, why is it that the same people keep scoring and winning? The scorers have a belief system where they always visualize themselves scoring and winning. Their mindset has been programmed to win. Their thought process and visualization is on the affirmative.

Why is it that not the best looking boy or girl gets all the attention from the opposite sex, yet all the hunks and beauties are left to fight for the remainders? The latter have a poor image of themselves as compared to the others.

The same applies to a set of people keep who keep getting awarded contracts and accolades, even though there are many others who deserve that chance. At the end of the day, we all want to be winners and high achievers, happy, slim, sexier, richer, healthier and so forth. But we can only achieve this through making a brand out of our image. We all need Image Re-Branding once in a while, instead of going round in circles with the same old challenges.

  • Habitline takes your challenges and uses them through your daily habits to harness the best out of you.
  • Hence equipping you with buffer zones and techniques, that will improve you yourself daily.
  • Image Re-Branding comes up and assists you to improve on your strengths, thus letting your weaknesses fade away leading you to achieve your desired goals.

Do you think you are lacking in these areas: posture, voice, confidence, career, wealth, finance, relationship?

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